For those who live in Canada and need a service dog, there are some excellent opportunities for being able to get one of these special animals.

The Cost Factor

While there are plenty of opportunities to get training dogs in Canada, one of the negative aspects is the cost factor. A lot of people in need of service dogs don’t realize the costs that come with having to train these types of dogs.

The Application

What some may not realize is that there is a process that an individual needs to go through to become the owner of a service dog. Where an individual is getting their service dog from will determine the type of application that needs to be completed. As far as government rules in Canada regarding service dogs, there are none that pertain to the certification of these types of dogs.

Finding a Service Dog

One thing that many will discover when looking for a service dog in Canada is that many companies supply this type of dog. However, quite often, there can be a shortage of these dogs. It will depend on the nature of the disability that the dog is required to assist with. There are many different types of service dogs that are in demand.

Research Carefully

When starting out looking for a service dog, it means time should be set aside for proper research. Unfortunately, there are a few instances where dogs being classed as service dogs are really not. They have not been properly trained, and they are being advertised as service dogs falsely. This can be devastating for the handicapped individual who is paying a lot of money for this type of dog.

The Owner’s Dog

There are some individuals who have a disability who already own a dog. Some may want to try and get their dog qualified as a service dog. What is important to remember is that there are no laws that specifically identify what a service dog is. There are some scant laws in some of the provinces throughout Canada that pertain to the usage of these types of dogs. Specifically dealing with the rights of the disabled to use these dogs in places where dogs are normally prohibited.

The Right Type of Dog

What can lead to confusion when it comes to service dogs is that they are often wrongly categorized. Individuals that are new to this may not be searching for the right type of dog. Here are some examples.

  • Service Dog:

This is a dog that has been specifically trained to help a disabled person with their specific type of disability.

  • Therapy Dogs

These dogs are trained to assist the owners with therapeutic needs.

  • Companion Dogs

These are classed as the average pet that most people have as part of their family.

  • Working Dogs

These dogs are trained to carry out specific jobs and have professional handlers.

When people are looking for a service dog, they must be specific as to what they are looking for as the type of training a dog receives is based on a specific disability. For example, there are dogs specially trained to help those who are blind. It cannot be stressed enough that any individual looking for a service dog take their time and do a lot of research before committing to any company for one of their service dogs.