When an individual is looking for a service dog in Canada, they have a few options. They can look for establishments that sell trained service dogs. Or there may be an option to purchase a dog then have it trained through a company that specializes in this.

Relying on Organizations

For those who are new to service dogs and their training, it can be a little overwhelming. Some associations can help with this. For example, there is the Canadian Association of Guide and Assistance Dog Schools. This is an organization that lists a series of programs that are being offered by other companies that relate to specific disabilities. The following are a few examples.

Autism Dog Services

It has been shown that service dogs can be trained to assist those with autism. This particular training facility specializes in this disability. To receive one of the dogs from this establishment, they must qualify first. Then the program matches up the best dog with the family in need. They will also provide instruction as well as follow up. The dogs are available upon qualification for children between the ages of three and eighteen.

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

Dogs being used to assist the blind is a service that has been around for a very long time. It is as a result of the success of these types of dogs that the idea of using service dogs was expanded. This company is a nonprofit entity. Their mandate is to assist those in need of a guide dog in finding a dog that is suitable for them. They will help those that have mobility issues find the proper training for this type of dog.

COPE Service Dogs

This is a charitable organization that provides service dogs to meet specific needs. A new litter of puppies begins training at fours weeks of age. They are then placed with a trainer and goes through an extensive training process. Once the dog has met the requirements being placed upon it, then it gets assigned a permanent home with an individual who has qualified for this particular type of dog.

Service Dog training

There are a lot of disabled people who already own a dog and would like to have that dog trained as a service dog for their needs. For the dog to qualify as a service dog, it must meet some specific requirements. One of these is the public access test for qualification. The purpose of this test is to determine:

  • The dog is stable
  • Well behaved
  • Copes well when in public
  • The owner has control of the dog
  • There is no public risk

To prove that the dog has these requirements, the dog must be trained to heel upon command. The dog must appear relaxed and unhindered by noises or people around them. The dog must sit on command. These are just a few of the requirements.

There are establishments throughout Canada that will specifically train a disabled person’s dog to become a service dog. However, not all dogs are cut out for this. It is essential to know that a dog has the traits needed to be a service dog. There also may be professional dog trainers that will take on this type of training.